Precision in your operation is of the utmost importance. Bounty Onsite provides high-quality measurement and instrumentation devices to maintain your business through pressure measuring, temperature and flow of all liquid and gas applications.
Pipe, Fittings & Valves
Bounty Onsite stocks a full range of CS and BM fittings for any application, from manufactures that meet or exceed industry standards. Material Grades A333, A350LF2, SA106B, SA-234 WPB, A-105 and A420WPL6. Aluminum, fiberglass and stainless options are also available. Sizes ¼ in. – 12 in. (larger sizes by request) Schedules: Class 2000, Class 3000, Class 6000, Class 9000, STD, S160, XH, XXH, true schedules and special walls.
Bounty Onsite is your supplier of Gaskets. Our gaskets provide effective sealing in a wide range of flow, pressure and temperature applications. High pressure applications require our metallic ring joint gasket. Looking for a more customized fit for your project? We have sheet and die-cut gaskets available in non-asbestos and neoprene that can be cut to you project specs.


Bounty Onsite is a Canadian Energy Battery supplier. Batteries for all applications, so you can maintain power where you work, live or getaway. Canadian Energy batteries are built for Canada’s most extreme conditions. Bounty Onsite stocks all sizes of batteries for home use (flashlights and remotes) to commercial applications (tractor and RV).

Bounty Onsite, an independent dealer of Bumper to Bumper®, carries an extensive inventory of Raybestos® rotors for all budgets. Our automotive specialist is familiar with the various disc designs available, their properties and recommended OE specifications for your vehicle; and can access numerous other suppliers to fit your needs.

The most important component of your disc brake system are the calipers. Brake calipers are parts that are constantly in demand by the driver, they should be checked make sure they are in good condition. Our automotive specialist at Bounty Onsite, Bumper to Bumper®, has access to numerous caliper suppliers, and has a vast in-stock selection of Raybestos® products to fit your budget. Our vast selection of tools and accessories will have you completing your own vehicle maintenance like a pro!

BOSS Lubricants have been a great partner to Bounty Onsite. Boss is Canadian owned and operated. Their products are designed for Canadian climates and our ever-changing conditions. Bounty Onsite stocks engine oil, hydraulic oil, transmission fluid, gear oil, glycols and antifreeze, grease and specialty products. Bounty Onsite will help you maintain optimal performance in all your vehicles, farm and oilfield equipment.

Get the best for your car or truck from Bounty Onsite, Bumper to Bumper®. We are WIX Filter Supplier, and have access to over 16,000 filters to find the correct filter for any application. Replace your vehicles air, cabin, fuel and oil filters regularly; to give you and your passengers a quality ride.
Brake Pads
Bumper to Bumper® has been the experts in brakes since 1967. Bounty Onsite is an independent dealer, we have a large selection of in-stock Raybestos® brakes and have access to numerous other brake suppliers. You can also find all the tools and accessories you need to do your maintenance like a professional.

Authorized Bumper to Bumper parts Dealer


Safety & PPE
Bounty Onsite wants to keep you and your employees working safely. From Band-Aids to work wear, we can keep your job site rolling by the book. Take the guess work out of sourcing your personal protective equipment (PPE), let our safety experts help you.
Adhesives, Paint & Supplies

You have put a lot of work into your projects, let our high-performance industrial coatings protect them from corrosion. Bounty Onsite carries primers, high-temperature coatings, pipe wrap tape, brushes, roller, frames, sprayers, paint pens/markers, trays, buckets and liners. We carry Industrial adhesives and tapes that are designed to aid in the manufacturing of components and materials.

Tools & Welding Equipment

There really is no job too big or too small; we are here to help with your weekend DIY project, as well as keep up with projects on the industrial scale. Bounty Onsite carries a variety of welding supplies and tools for everyone.

Bounty Onsite is your local retailer for Big Dog Mowers. Big Dog comes with an industry leading 7yr Warranty and has a variety of Zero-Turn mowers to suit your needs. Big Dog’s lineup boasts decks sizes of 34 in. to 72 in. and engines sizes of 10.5hp to 35hp. Whether you have a Residential or Commercial operation, Bounty Onsite can help you pick the mower best suited to your lawn care needs. (Please note: Big Dog Mower website prices are in USD.)